Larry McCormick - Genesis

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

While working on what is probably his biggest project to date, the crowdfunding of his "EvolveD" upcoming album, Larry McCormick proudly relaunches his Monotone USA imprint.

A decade after the last vinyl EP, the legendary label returns to life on wax with with two brand new V/A 12’s to come, plus a mini-LP from Exzakt, already available in limited edition. In the musical prolongation of Larry’s “Intelectro” album published last year on Shipwrec, “Genesis” introduces 6 gems ranging from Electro Bass to IDM styles.

Killer “Show The Way” introduces the A side with a learned dosage of uncompromising 909 and 808 tricks over distorted vocals in Exzakt’s typical signature. A pure dancefloor burner that will remind of Larry’s glorious days when he was delivering “Sleeping With The Enemy”, “Second Wave” or “I Am The Enemy”. Tuneeee!

Mellow “One Step Ahead” departs from the Miami Bass sound for a more lazy and romantic exploration. A moody synth intro leads you to trancey melodies, while syncopated beats invite you to smooth movements.

Ending the slice, heading “Move Because I Said So” commands to put you in a circle thanks to abstract whispers in the form of a tribute to Egyptian Lover: sharp drums, lethal claps and sonic filters. Top notch!

On the reverse, “Creator” signs an irresistible Electro beauty for pure home listening pleasure. Atmospheric arpeggios combined with a solid bassline and some ambient layers turn the track into a future classic in Larry’s already mighty discography. Perfect to play at 4am to awake an exhausted crowd!

Tense “Eyes On Me”, instantly following, returns to the dancefloor with a faster rhythm, some dark layers and C64 sororities floating in the background.

Last but not the least, “Magic City” concludes the 12’’ with untouchable glitchy frequencies, while sparse female vocals appear from time to time to warm a track that could have sounded very cold at first. Well done!

Craftily produced and inspired by more than 18 years of music production, “Genesis” celebrates the great return of Monotone USA in the music business. Adding more sense and depth to his style, Larry offers here one of his more eclectic EP's, showing an evolution in his career, but never forgetting his roots.

Please support his project as he needs your help to achieve a huge and exciting outing!

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