Leandro Gore of Lux 4 Attack Records Mix for Latest SiNK Podcast: Listen

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Leandro Gore of Lux 4 Attack © Lux 4 Attack official

Leandro Gore, half member of the Brazilian Electro outfit Lux 4 Attack; the duo that has been spreading the sounds of Electro music to the masses since 2004 in their city of São Paulo, Brazil, recently recorded a mix for the latest SiNK podcast, featuring tunes by I-f, Boris Divider, Anthony Rother, Aux 88, KT-19941, and many more.

This is an absolutely pounding mix of late 90's/early 2000's dancefloor classics and new releases to make you move through your day with tenacious, mind-bending vibes. There is a reason why Lux 4 Attack are considered the best Electro artists in their country of Brazil, and you are about to find out why!

Listen below: