Lectro Code Collaborates with Hoss Analogue and Chemikal, Drops "Layer E" Digital E.P.

© Lectro Code

Lectro Code is an Electro project that has been gaining lots of momentum over the past year, and one that you have probably already begun to familiarize yourself with after releases such as "Infamous Bass" (2020), or perhaps more recently, "Anthology 1"; both on Canadian Woodwork Recordings ran by Pete Grove.

Releasing via Bandcamp, the elusive Electro artist presents a new EP in collaboration with allies Hoss Analogue and Chemikal, dropping the "Layer E" digital offering; which you will find to be a punishing concoction of envelope pushing Electro programs that especially for fans of Florida Electro Bass, will be a true crowd pleaser.

There's something about the South that seems to consistently produce a very unique blend of forward-thinking Electro sounds that are driven with tenacity, shrewdness, and a keen sense for technicality that is quite unmatched. The twist to this release however, is the undercurrent that begins to present itself through the collaborations found, where the raw menace of Detroit Techno Bass influences for example, weaves its way through the title song, giving it an intimidating character and sense of audacity, while Chemikal's contribution has a bit more of a Breaks feel, bathed in rich acid analog 303 tones that remind me of some of the best years of the Southern American Rave scene.

"Layer E" by Lectro Code was released on December 28th, 2020, and can be found through the label's Bandcamp page. Support the underground by purchasing a copy, highly recommended title!

You can listen to Lectro Code's new EP below: