Listen to a Cover of Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth" by Gated Reverb

Kelly Gilleran and DVS NME aka Gated Reverb © Some Random Photo Booth/Somewhere

Gated Reverb is the product of a very special and unique collaborative effort between iconic Electro artist and Dark Science Electro founder DVS NME, and his girlfriend Kelly Gilleran; an equally iconic vintage artist whose fantastic visual work can be found here.

Writing and producing a handful of original songs already at DVS NME's studio in Colorado, the two have also taken it upon themselves to cover many of the great classics of yesteryear and by artists like Yaz, New Order, The Cure, Joy Division, Talking Heads, and even Depeche Mode; delivering here with a very refreshing take of "Policy of Truth", familiar techniques, fused with DVS NME's particular style of moody Electro, along with Kelly Gilleran's silky and enthralling vocals, and even her own touch of magic on the synths. Pure magic!

While there is no official talk of any material being officially released at the moment, Gated Reverb definitely holds tremendous promise if the two decide to continue forward with their charming and skillfull productions. You can listen to many more songs and covers by going to the Gated Reverb Soundcloud page.

Listen to Gated Reverb's cover of "Policy of Truth" by Depeche Mode: