Listen to a New Mix by DJ Disko Tronik

Hailing from Skopje, Macedonia, DJ Disko Tronik is a veteran of the underground scene in his country and an ambassador for the revolutionary Techno sounds of the city of Detroit worldwide. Spreading the unique sounds of Electro and Techno music to restless crowds across the globe on various outlets such as Deep Space Radio, he signs his latest mix set to infamous Spanish radio show Elektrodos.

This time around, host Laris Maker will guide you through new material from Carlos SicRock, Amper Clap, as well as a new tune between Dark Vektor and Pablo León, while DJ Disko Tronik dives deep into the abyss with style and a unique sense for the mysterious sounds of authentic and refined Electro music. Don't miss on this!

You can listen to the set below:

Photo credits: Disko Tronik

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