Listen to a New Single by Kozmik Funk Featuring Phil Collins' Drums

James Reeno aka Kozmik Funk © Spazzoid Records

James Reeno, an Electro veteran from New York with releases on labels such as Dominance Records and their Battle of the Year soundtracks, not to mention countless vinyl outings on his own Spazzoid Records, is one of the single most musically productive figures I can think of.

It seems, at least to the average unsuspecting fan, that there is never a moment when the man isn't tickling the ivories or fiddling with his personal and almost endless sea of synthesizer knobs to create classic after classic. From the more retro, 80's inspired style of refined Electro Funk, to the more contemporary sounds that challenge the status quo with rock solid musicianship, James Reeno and all his aliases and collaborations are a worthwhile adventure for anyone who wants to truly understand one of the artists that have kept the Electro sound alive all these years.

With "No Jacket?", under the Kozmik Funk pseudonym, James Reeno presents us a new single, this time featuring another one of the music industry's most productive and undoubtedly iconic figures: Phil Collins. Featuring samples of his drumming from many of his hits throughout the years, the famed sound of the gated reverb and all its raw power are in full display in this funky fresh jam oozing with warm, analog melodies to put a smile on your face as you make your way through the concrete jungle. Check it below!