Listen to a New Song by Zeta Reticula from Upcoming Cultivated Electronics Compilation

Zeta Reticula aka UMEK © Umek Uros

After much success following their kick off for the "From The Dark" compilation series, UK Cultivated Electronics imprint announced the release of the 2nd volume November 26th and featuring favorites such as The Exaltics, The Operator, and Sync 24, not to mention Maelstrom, VC-118A, Ekman, Obergman, and a new one by Zeta Reticula, featured on the latest "Premieres" by Dark Science Electro.

If you haven't caught wind, Premieres is a new extension of the infamous show, where host DVS NME will showcase upcoming material by your favorite Electro artists and those you may be unfamiliar with.

Listen to the new Zeta Reticula named "Galactic Halo":