Listen to Alavux's New Song "5mg" Featuring Dr. Floyd

What a strange trip it's been for Goran Alavuk! © Dissolved In Sound

Following a fairly intense recovery from knee surgery, where he was prescribed the potent drug "Methotrexate", Goran Alavuk aka Alavux decided to make the most of his time while laying down and recuperating at his local hospital in Skopje, armed with headphones, a laptop, and Ableton Live, where he set off to produce as many tunes as he possibly could.

The result? A hypnotic, tripped journey to the core of Alavux's often frantic genious, that pushes the boundaries of contemporary electronic sounds in a way that innovates while never forgetting his roots. Not always an easy task!

Recently featured on the Dissolved In Sound blog, Alavux's new song "5mg" enlists the help of Russian Electro artist Dr. Floyd, and is perhaps the one song most representative of his experience while under the influence of Methotrexate. As he stated during a short interview with Dissolved In Sound: "One can hear the changes caused by the drug and how it affected me".

The song was also part of an announcement for the return of Alavux's old radio show Emiter, which will now be broadcasting via Threads Radio, and kicked off on Wednesday September 18th. Show will continue every month thereafter. For more info, visit Alavux's Hearthis page.

'Til then, head on over to the official Alavux Soundcloud page, and download a free copy of "5mg" featuring Dr. Floyd. You can also listen and download below: