Listen to "Alke" by Jessica Walrus

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

© Jessica Walrus/Bandcamp

Known unofficially as The Aphex Twin Daughter, Jessica Walrus has, since her debut in 2012 and the release of "New Me", been a steadily rising artist within the circles of the electronic underground. Hailing from Mexico, she has been a dedicated fan and lover of all things music, especially in regards to the boundary pushing sounds of the mighty Aphex Twin.

Getting her chance to be exposed to a much larger audience in 2020, Jessica Walrus signed "Alke" to powerhouse electronic UK label Loose Lips, and their recent compilation series in benefit of the Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation, which helps create opportunities for young talented artists from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may have a harder time finding the means to develop and hone their musical skills.

Featuring a plethora of international artists from many styles of Electronic Music, Loose Lips Volumes 1 and 2; published recently via the label's Bandcamp page as well as other retailers like Beatport, are a couple of releases you might wanna check out, especially if you appreciate Electronic Music in all its forms and styles. Jessica Walrus' contribution for one, is a beautiful composition reminding the listener perhaps of artists like Bitstream, with soothing, gentle melodies, and intelligent arrangements that makes this an absolute timeless piece!

You can listen to a preview of "Alke" by Jessica Walrus below: