Listen to an Electro Mix by Gamadon

Gamadon on the wheels of steel! © Gavin Mac Donagh

Irish Electro purveyor Gamadon is a tireless ambassador of our music. A vinyl DJ for nearly 20 years, he has traveled the world far and wide taking the Electro vibes wherever he goes. As a consistent force in the growing Irish Electro scene; primarily in his hometown of Mullingar, he has been part of countless club nights and festivals over the years, playing alongside artists such as 808 State, Sunil Sharpe, and The Prodigy, and to this day continues to help carve a path forward for the music to grow, including his own.

Recently, he recorded a mix for the podcast series of new Irish Electro night called "Lepton". Included in this fierce sonic adventure are tracks by Alden Tyrell, Larry McCormick, Assembler Code, Maesltrom, Dez Williams, Industrial Bass Machine and many others.

Listen below: