Listen to an Electro Mix by Ivna Ji

Electro Femme Fatale © Ivna Ji official/Facebook

Underground female Electro DJ Ivna Ji is perhaps one of the most seasoned studio musicians in her region. Growing up in Zagreb, Croatia, a place known as one of the few hotspots on the planet for Electro music, she would dedicate her life to understanding the ways of recording and performing as a DJ and producer, landing her a couple releases on UK label brokntoys, and Serbian underground imprint Етикета 4.

Recently, she recorded the latest Tracklistings Mixtape, which if you are familiar with the process, will not reveal the list of records used in the mix until 500 plays, or by you participating in helping discover the great tunes you'll find here. Think spacey, melodic, moody, and intriguing at the same time...and you begin to see just where this journey leads!

Listen to the full mix below: