Listen to an Old Recording of an Aphex Twin Set at the Limelight in 1993

Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin © Youtube/Google

Due back in New York for the first time since perhaps this very set right here, Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin has become known the world over as perhaps the most influential Electronic artist to come up over the last few decades, driven by such a knack for making innovative, genuine, and soulful music.

With an illustrious and highly regarded discography on labels such as UK titan Warp Records, as well as Rephlex, and R & S to name a few, Aphex Twin has raised the bar so far for Electronic music enthusiasts across the world, that the effects will probably be felt for decades and decades to come, perhaps not unlike Bob Dylan's influence over Rock n' Roll.

Recorded after successfully sneaking a DAT Recorder into the DJ booth where Aphex Twin was playing at the Limelight in New York City, the boys over at Lofidelic Records managed to catch the whole set, and while it is not the best sound quality, the nostalgia you will feel will be quite special as you are able to step into such a magical time for Electronic Music back in 1993; and in one of the most revered venues in the world nonetheless: the Limelight in New York City.

Listen to the full set below: