Listen to "Acid Factory" by Eden Grey

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Eden Grey live with her modular © M. Delaney

Miami-based Eden Grey; long time project of Chelsea Bruno, who along with her incredible talent, and her CV FREQS podcast and events series, is helping to promote and further unite the growing and quite fantastic world of modular synthesizers.

Recently releasing her next album via Bandcamp, Eden Grey offers with "The Lost Tracks Vol. 3", a continuation to the mesmerizing series she began back in October, which surrounds you in an aura of psychedelic and adventurous compositions, at times reminding me perhaps of artists such as Carl Finlow/Silicon Scally, but also taking some surprising twists and turns, where her style suddenly dives into playful, slightly tribal Drum and Bass, and even 4x4 programs. One of the true gems on her new release is "Acid Factory"; which bathes the listener along the way in some seriously mind-bending analog wizardry that speaks to the depth of sonic experimentation that Eden Grey delves into via her modular and other instruments.

Eden Grey is an artist to look for, and without question an avid modular enthusiast who delivers with her latest album "The Lost Tracks Vol. 3", a very satisfying collection of versatile Electronic tunes; not to mention those found on her previous two volumes, which are also a must. Make sure to check those out.

The new album was released on November 21st, 2020, and is available for purchase via the artist's Bandcamp. Highly recommended release. Support the true underground!

Listen to "Acid Factory" by Eden Grey: