Listen to "Dark Grey Machines" by Aether Pilot

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Claude Charnier © Aether Pilot/Facebook

Hailing from Québec, Montreal, Aether Pilot has been a sleeping giant slowly making his way unto our scene with keen musicality and intelect to spare! A profoundly talented artist, already 10 releases deep into this self-perpetuating audio and visual adventure that travels through some rather mysterious planes, challenging you down to the core as you are thrusted into space, breaking through the time continuum, and into some truly nightmarish soundscapes that will make you wonder exactly where you are headed next.

With "Dark Grey Machines", Aether Pilot demonstrates his more rhythmic side, which is also very strongly rooted in the more atmospheric and explorative, here enriching this magnificent tune with aggressive vocoders and monstrous drones that strike the ground roaring out loud with terrifying menace like giant alien machines taking over the earth for extermination.

Deranged arpeggios soon hypnotize you as the clockwork dance behind the beat driving this bizarre groove you are pulled into, creates a neurolink between you and this surprisingly upbeat and rather soulful tune, that is otherwise a truly unforgiving, ferocious and malevolent composition that weaves together different elements from the darker realms of Electronic Music, pushing the envelope of sonic exploration with a truly open and curious, yet highly determined mind.

Check out the full song below: