Listen to "Legacy" by Dexterous Numerics

Stuart Flower aka Dexterous Numerics © Shula Flower

Dexterous Numerics, a name you may have come to know via one of the more prolific Electro labels during the height of the digital era, Devine Disorder Records, and releases such as "The Dexterity EP", or perhaps "Nanomechanics", is also an artist that has been keeping rather quiet these days. We should never mistake keeping quiet for being inactive however, nor should we ever underestimate the love for Electro that such a talented artist has, and the truth is that while he has been a bit lowkey with publishing new tunes, he has been quite busy making them!

We stumbled upon a truly beautiful song the other day, one of the more representative of the classy, forward-thinking sound Dexterous Numerics has to offer, and we thought you should hear it too. This one is called "Legacy", a profound journey through the vortex of time and space with rich, alluring pads that seem to lift you up into a cloud, while acid streams take you down the sonic flow into a pool of decadent bass tones, and mind-bending sequences.

Listen to the song below: