The Advent and Zein Ferreira Collaborate on New Song "Strangeform": Listen

Updated: Jun 3

The Advent and his very own son Zein Ferreira © EPM Music

Few names in the Electro scene can claim to need no introduction in the way The Advent can. With an illustrious discography spanning all the way back to the early 90's, where he got his starts on Christian Tattersfield's "Internal" label (Orbital, CJ Bolland, Yellow Magic Orchestra), The Advent's music; whether it be in the Techno or Electro realms, has been one of the most influential and sought after of all the new school artists to come about since the 2nd wave began in Miami and Detroit at the end of the 1980's.

Fast-forward well over 20 years, and what we have now is one of those heart-warming stories, a rare tale of father and son who team up to further evolve and develop a musical legacy that inevitably became a family affair. As the world has been witnessing the talent of The Advent's very own son, Zein Ferreira, featured previously on tracks like the uncanny "Eyes of Envy" (Monotone), as well as "Eurodynamic" and "Diverse Scope" on Electrix Records (2015), we see that clearly, Zein Ferreira is a "chip off the old block", and someone destined for perhaps as much success in the electronic scene as his father.

Collaborating once again, Cisco (The Advent) and Zein Ferreira present another masterful production of fast-paced robotic beats and perplexing sonic programs, this time featured on UK powerhouse EPM Music's "EPM20" series, which celebrates the iconic firm's 20 years in business as one of the most devoted entities in the world of Electronic Music. Also including tracks by other legendary Electro artists like Carl Finlow, Detroit's Filthiest, not to mention Freddy Fresh as Modulator, this new compilation by EPM Music showcases perfectly the sound of today's innovative Electro scene, delivered by some of the most notorious names in the game.

EPM's 2nd installment in their "EPM20" series releases on digital formats June 25th, 2021, and on vinyl July 20th. You can pre-order this release now via the label's Bandcamp.

Listen to a preview of "Strangeform" by The Advent and Zein Ferreira: