Listen to The Exaltics' Remix of "Howler" by Martin Gore

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Martin Gore of the iconic band Depeche Mode © Martin Gore/Bandcamp

Martin Gore, whom you may know as one of the lead members of the iconic band Depeche Mode, released a very interesting EP earlier in the year called "The Third Chimpanzee EP": An intense adventure through fierce and explorative soundscapes that continues a very graceful and ever-evolving path as a solo artist, with titles dating back as far as 1989 and the release of the classic "Counterfeit EP".

Hot on the heels of a warmly welcomed release, Martin Gore enlists a roster of eclectic international artists to present to you a remixes EP of "The Third Chimpanzee", seeing each of the tracks on the original record reworked with intricate attention to detail, and by artists such as German DJ and producer Chris Liebing, upcoming female modular synth artist JakoJako, and one of the Electro scene's finest and most devoted artists, The Exaltics. The work of Robert Witschakowski, one of the founders of the legendary label Solar One Music.

Diving deep into his own artistic core, Witschakowski surfaces somewhere else entirely from what you are used to hearing from him, with a fresh and innovative tune that even to the artist himself, is a testament of his personal and artistic growth over the years. Eerie, driven by a gritty, underlying sense of suspense that is not completely unlike his work as The Exaltics, this song progresses through a sort of metamorphosis as you listen, that takes you from the most basic raw elements it seems, into a profound, radiant blossoming that puts the original concept into a unique emotional context that truly only Witschakowski would have been able to achieve in his own eccentrism.

Martin Gore - The Third Chimpanzee Remixed on colored vinyl © Mute Records

The Third Chimpanzee Remixed by Martin Gore is out now on digital, vinyl and even Compact Disc, featuring artwork by Pockets Warhol, and available wherever you buy music. Massive congratulations to The Exaltics for scoring such a stellar opportunity for themselves! Well deserved.

You can listen to a preview of The Exaltics remix of "Howler" by Martin Gore below: