Listen to "Van51" by Parand

Parand in her Berlin studio © A.M.L

If you are a fan of Croatian Electro label Crobot Muzik, chances are you may have heard of Parand's "Lost Planets E.P."; a mesmerizing trip into the captivating and luminous world of the Berlin-based Electro producer's style of Electro music. As a devotee of music performance and composition since a child, Parand is a well trained classical piano player, as well as a skilled DJ and recording engineer, and she is also without question, one of the freshest acts to come out of this new decade!

The best part of this particular story, is that it is part of a much larger story...that of the new Cyber Domain compilation and label in partnership between Ben Evans (The Droid), and German Electro producer Hardenberg, which includes songs by artists such as newcomers Cliff Dalton and Lloyd Stellar, as well as works by polished and well seasoned Electro artists like the Dexorcist, Robodrum, and one of the most sought after artists as of late: Serge Geyzel; another one of Berlin's finest!

Cassette version of the compilation © Cyber Domain

The "Cyber Domain" compilation was released on April 2nd, 2021, and is available via the label's Bandcamp as a very limited cassette run, as well as digital formats. An absolute must have for lovers of forward-thinking Electro, and a great showcase of the eclectic and versatile talent we have in the Electro scene. Get it, you won't be disappointed!

Check out "Van51" by Parand: