Love Hultén Introduces the EC-1: A Shamanic Lunch Box Synthesizer System

The aesthetics alone are worth every penny! © Love Hultén

Swedish audiovisual artist and craftsman Love Hultén, whom you may remember from a previous article we did on his very unique MDLR-37 portable modular synth a few months back, has been very busy as usual at his intimate studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, concocting his latest innovations, bringing us to his latest: The EC-1.

Based around a Roland JU-06A, a Cyclone TT-78 Beat Bot, a Boss Dimension C pedal, and a T-Rex Replicator, Hultén's "Lunch Box" synthesizer system brings together his magic touch for aesthetics, practicality and portability, and fuses it with some very powerful pieces of hardware that together form what may look like a lightweight synthesizer from the outside, but is rather quite the beast on the inside!

Some nice quirky features added as well include a mini ashtray, and a glowing crystal for some mood action. The entire thing folds into an easy to carry box when you are done, making this a true "take anywhere" type of instrument.

Hultén's website mentions this particular unit as being commissioned, but there is no mention whether it may be marketed for his own shop later in the future or not. However, as with all his work it seems, a simple request might be all it takes to get yourself an EC-1, or any of his incredibly unique and innovative ideas for that matter. You can contact Love Hultén via his website.

You can see the EC-1 in action below: