Luxus Varta - Colder

Luxus Varta continues his volley of releases on labels like Solar One, Shipwrec, and Brokntoys with a vinyl, digital and streaming offering on Trust, who is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Aptly named "Colder", Luxus Varta takes the Electro sound to extremes it's never heard before with this multi-format release.

"Colder" is an homage to human solitude, a reflection on the breakdown of human relationships, when callousness takes over from emotion and physical contact and becomes but a perfunctory exercise." (From "Colder" PR) Brrr, that's cold Luxus!

Just releasing an ambitious concept album on Nocta Numerica, the artist shows again his ability to capture theme and mood with electronic rhythms and modulated frequencies and at the same time sustain a dancefloor prowess, a skill only a few of us have on this third mass from the Sun.

Let's take a closer look at these icy singles that will hit the record shops on May 24th.

"Flash Tension"

Startling the senses like a falling unseen icicle, "Flash Tension" demands the ears attention and further probing. The track has a peculiar, rarely used musical feature that may throw the unseasoned DJ off: The snare is on the 1's and 3's, and the bass drum is on the 2's and 4's, but listeners will respond to the sharp ravey cries that permeate the fluxing and evolving musicscape.

"Sex After Midnight"

This track slips onto the EP like a pedestrian encounter with black ice on the sidewalk, dissecting a cold winter's park. The female robotic sample is seductively soft, but her requests are anything but intimate beside the plucking bassline and ghostly bells.

"Kim's Revenge"

Anytime the word "Revenge" is in the title of a piece of art, I'm prepared to be shocked, but still strangely intrigued. A startling snare greets the ear, followed by a climbing bassline that is soon joined by minor notes that drift and flow like swirling snow in a winter storm.

"Side Effect"

The effected off kilter drum on this track sets a mood of foreboding that gradually increases as layers of Luxus's supremely placed effects, keys and drums materialize. By the time "Side Effect" shifts into high gear, the nerves are as tight as a ski jumper's form the split second before they launch into the crisp void.


An organ give's the track an air of reverence, which is masterfully contrasted by enthusiastic arps that melt away like packed snow on an unexpected sunny Spring morning as the track unfolds. This contrast in sound gives the song balance in some ways, but the uncertainty leaves us wondering what it all really means when the organ fades out.

"Colder" is manifested in vinyl, digital and streaming formats. The 12" is clear with sleeves designed by Colder is out May 24th at all the best record stores, but vinyl pre-orders are available at the Trust's Bandcamp. Hear more releases on Trust here.

Listen to the upcoming album below:


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