Luxus Varta - Then We Fall

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Following three successful releases on Solar One Music, Intramuros and Shipwrec, French talent Emeric Di Paolo aka Luxus Varta introduces his debut EP on brilliant Brokntoys label from London. Called “Then We Fall”, this monster of a six tracker places the listener at the breaking point where his life balances.

The EP’s title is a quote (“First we feel. Then we fall.”) taken from James Joyce’s experimental novel “Finnegans Wake”. But by removing the beginning of the sentence, Luxus Varta judged fun to let the listener appreciate at what moment one begins to fall. At first sights, “Tripten”, “Radion”, nor “Nixit”; the names of the tracks, help in finding an answer, but maybe a careful listen of the songs will give clues.

The opener, alienating “Tripten”, introduces an explicit testimony of a woman who has already fallen. When it comes to marrying spoken words to Electro, Luxus is the champion. He already used this process twice in the past, including on “Losquato” (taken from the “Rosenthan Experiment EP” on Intramuros 002). Here, a haunting melody tinted with nostalgia and some weird arpeggios progressively display their infectious atmosphere, leaving us breathless. Probably the first signs of a mental failure.

A mix of ultra sound frequencies depicting some nervous influx, dancefloor “Radion” coming next offers intricate synth sororities over a well balanced rhythm. You will feel like a scientist exploring the meanders of the brain, trying to figure out which damaged cognitive sensor altered your reality perception.

Unhealthy “Haccium” closes the A side on harder tonalities, delivering a slowed down, yet percussive tempo while spreading a dark Warpean atmosphere: this is the point of no return where your life definitively toggles through the unknown.

“Lesis”, on the flipside, signs a gloomy beauty characterized by Drexcyian inspired melodies, some emotive arp sequences laying in the background. Stripped out synth flights supported by a solid rhythm turn the gem into a pulsating beast to be explored from the inside.

If clinical “Nixit”, the second track of the B side, serves up a moody jam a la James Stinson, made of lazy analog laments over intricate vocals, then tense “Gomjet” concludes the EP with organic pulses, droning electronics and bubbling vibes.

(Experi)mental, enigmatic and inspired, “Then We Fall” showcases six utterly complex Electro cuts in Luxus Varta’s unique trademark. No doubt his best release to date! This inner adventure is available in a limited edition 12" vinyl disc (300 copies hand stamped and manually screen-printed copies).


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