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Luxus Varta to Release Ambitious Concept Album "Plastic Time"

Luxus Varta © Luxus Varta official

Luxus Varta is prepared to release a packed vinyl and digital release on the label Nocta Numerica on February 25, 2019. The release grapples with how people perceive time depending on their mindset within certain activities. "Plastic Time" (also known as Elastic Time) is a term developed by Intel researchers to describe a modern: “experience that is highly interruptible, shrinking and expanding around immediate concerns, and interweaving through multiple activities” (From Luxus Varta "Plastic Time" press release).

The tracks are immense, complex and give the impression the artist is setting off on his own unique musical journey. Thankfully, Luxus has saved us a seat on his "Plastic Time" machine. The EP get's going with "Feline", an elusive Electro track with a soft silky feel like the shiny coat of a tabby. "Unclean" materializes with a driving set of disorienting snares that pull you into a deep cavern of rich sounds.

Plastic Time © Nocta Numerica Records (2019)

By track three, featuring Paris the Black (Detroit Grand Pubahs), the colorful wave scope has produced a bubble of time in which the oscillating expansive vocals lull the senses into a "dream with in a dream". Quark astutely jolts the atmosphere back into real time with its insistent bassline and minor synth overlays. The final track, October, is a dark forthright song that takes the mind back to time past whose memories have slipped through your fingers like the sunlight from a fall sunset.

Luxus Varta says about his ambitious vision presented on "Plastic Time": “Music is the most abstract of art forms, the best way to represent fluctuation of time in my opinion.”

"Plastic Time" will hit record and download shops on February 25th. We can expect local disturbances in the space time continuum around dance clubs and DJ booths throughout the world when this release hits the speaker cones.