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M-Twelve - Apocalypse In Paradise EP

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

M-Twelve is a recent joining on Electrix Recordings between Tortured Records; Techno imprint of Electrix founder Billy Nasty, Nick Dunton of Surface Records, and the Poverty Is Violence label. The "Apocalypse In Paradise EP" is the premier incarnation of their monthly meetings dubbed the “Dunton Abbey Studios”.

This first collaboration strides onto the scene with two original tracks: “All The Things", and "Time Spent", with two stand alone remixes by Cultivated Electronics’ Sync 24 and Electro veteran duo Transparent Sound.

All the Things

This track gives off a warm Electro glow like the first hint of sunrise after an all night summer beach party, but a gravelly effected voice keeps it grounded in a dark electric place. Minimal Techno sounds patter forward on a floor of lightly pressed keys, while soft pads surround a persistent bass drum. Is it a love song? Maybe. Simple but complex in its arrangement, "All The Things" does not betray its motive easily.

Time spent

Whatever nice Electro glow there was on this EP, is quickly extinguished by “Time Spent”. A Techno bassline braids rhythmic drums amidst dueling exasperated voices exchanging their anxious musings about an impending apocalypse. An organ, contrasted with random electronic squiggles that appear out of nowhere, give "Time Spent" a slightly outlandish feel, distracting you just enough from the apocalypse right in front of you.

Time Spent (Sync 24 remix)

Sync 24 makes “Time Spent” his own with a faster and livelier offering. The rework relies on an upbeat filthy bass drum fused with a Techno underpinning with flares of Acid. There is a bass kick on this one, with the apocalyptic ramblings taking a back seat to the rhythm on Sync 24’s remix.

Time Spent (Transparent Sound remix)

There is no mistaking the intentions within the borders of Transparent Sound's re-work. Genuine Electro Bass drums deliver a message of apocalyptical proportions. “The human race, is a disgrace" is the only decipherable vocal sample, but even this blunt assessment takes a back seat to the perfect melding of bass, snares, effects and strings delivered by one of Electro music’s master producer duos.

A great addition to any Techno and Electro fan's library and DJ crate, the "Apocalypse In Paradise EP" is available as a digital and vinyl release.

For more information on upcoming M-Twelve releases, check out the Tortured and Electrix FB page. More is expected from M-Twelve in 2018, so keep an eye out at the local record store!

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