Mariska Neerman - Finding Our Way Back Home EP

Belgian born Mariska Neerman has been a steadily rising artist in the electronic scene since 2009, when she was first discovered by legendary ambassador to the Electro sound DJ Stingray. Since then going on to release on labels such as Carl Craig's "Planet E", as well as Bleep43 and Semantica to name a few, Mariska Neerman recently also signed to HC Records hailing from Valencia, Spain; and headed by the highly active Hypnotica Colectiva nonetheless, to bring forth the intimate affair that is the "Finding Our Way Back Home EP".

On this playful, yet vibrant and passionate offering, Mariska Neerman displays the true extent of her talents; and even perhaps the depth of her own heart's desire, by composing what could almost be seen as a love message in a bottle of sorts. This beautiful journey across the Atlantic and back, is a tale of romance separated by distance, yet strongly bound by deep connection and vision.

These tunes all have a very beautiful, soothing atmosphere about them, lit up by gleaming arpeggios and sequences that have that soul piercing character about them like much of Drexciya's material. The pads which gently blanket over each and every step here like a fog on a calm morning by the water, are lush and full of hypnotism as they drench you in a bath of mystifying vibes.

There is a remix also included on this record, featuring the works of Detroit veteran Jeremiah Shaw (Torq) as "Shawescape", giving the tune "Fresh Eyes" a bit of an edge, as well as some nicely added growling bass tones to darken things up a bit. Doesn't deviate too far from the original, but a refreshing and slightly more upbeat version that should be included in your next DJ set for sure.

Mariska Neerman's "Finding Our Way Back Home EP" was released via HC Records on April 22nd, 2021, and can be obtained directly through their Bandcamp page, or through retailers such as Juno. An absolute gem of fine Electro and available only in limited quantities, so don't sleep on this one!

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