Mars Frequency

Spanish label Mars Frequency has been a welcomed addition to the growing roster of labels in the Electro scene, starting things off in 2010 with the first installment of the "Mars Frequency Compilation Vol. 1"; which featured works by Spanish artists Negocious Man, Synth Alien, Robert Cosmic, and Datacrashrobot, as well as that of other great up and coming names like MicroControlUnit, DVS NME, Pip Williams, DJ Hash, and Meka.

Since then, the label has continued on a diligent path of releases, following its first title with Eleztrik Body's "Future Distortions E.P." in 2011, which was the artist's debut, featuring the tracks "Bender", "Luz Ozkura", and "Future Distortions". Throughout the rest of the year, the label's most productive to date, many more releases were published, like Preston Flex's "Little Feller", and Koova's blinding "Astronomy". There was also the "Secret Files" compilation with Synth Alien, Robert Cosmic, Fleck ESC, and Preston Flex, as well as Mike Ash's "Alien Invasion E.P.", Replicante Norman's "Assaig H.C. 334", and DVS NME's "Xenology".

In 2012, Mars Frequency returned with the infamous "Mars Defenders" compilation, which featured works by MicroControlUnit, Robert Cosmic, DVS NME, Juno Lazermachine, Negocious Man, Pip Williams, and many more; 27 in total! A release that for its time was hard to measure up to, with many of the tracks getting quite a lot of play amongst the DJ's in the scene.

After Mars Defenders, the label returned with Fleck ESC's "Under Surveillance" album, which featured 7 tracks of punishing, dark, yet very innovative and inspiring Electro Bass music with wild dynamic rhythms, synth lines, and sequences. Not long after, there would be the release of Mike Ash's "Robots and People", another killer EP from the man who has been making quite a name for himself in our little scene over the last couple years.

In 2013, there would only be the release of "Space Worm" by "The Korrupted Brothers" hailing out of Spain, which if you have not heard yet, is a menacing EP featuring three 3 tracks of hard, dark, and mysterious Electro Bass. These guys take influence from different artists and in some ways that is obvious, yet the result is fresh beats, synth, and tones that are gonna get a party going with their unique style that is aimed at shaking the floors and moving the walls.

Though rumor had it for some time that the label had shutdown, we would still see some output in the following months and years after. These guys gained a lot of momentum since their founding, and there is a lot to be said for the quality of the output of material you will find in every title they have released. And If you ever wonder why it seems as if every ending to a highlight you read revolves around the notion that some label is ending, or some artist quit, please think of the tough times an artist endures in an overwhelming market of overly-saturated music genres, and social media that in the end does the artist and labels very little favor in regards of garnering the right kind of vocal support from their fans to make them feel like it is worth it.

What we tend to find in our scene, is self-promoting artists who have no choice but to do so, with often very little support from their fanbase including illegal downloading, leading many to believe that the market isn't there for what they are doing, thus driving many labels out of business, and many artists to quit Electronic music composition and production.

Please always keep in my mind of what could happen without this music, where things might wind up with Electronic music in general if we do not have at least some of the sub-genres within this scene fighting for ethical approaches to producing and publishing music that has true quality. Support the Underground, it is all you have left with real meaning!


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