Matt Lancaster of Code Rising Announces Solo Vinyl EP: Listen

Matt Lancaster of duo Code Rising © B. Miller

If you have heard of the infamous Electro Bass duo Code Rising, then surely you are well acquainted with the innovative skills of one of its founders, composer and producer Matt Lancaster, who returns once again, this time with a collection of solo material under the name "Proto".

Currently in the crowdfunding state via Qrates, this upcoming release entitled "The Transduction EP", features 5 original tracks, as well as a remix by Code Rising, and overall encompasses something really fresh for long time listeners of the Florida duo.

Generally driven by the edgier, more pronounced Electro Core sound, Code Rising's career has been built on hard club tunes that are fierce and unapologetic. On his own however, Lancaster's sound dives a bit deeper into the mysterious underworld of dark, Sci-Fi Electro music. Warmer, with saturated analog tones, wholesome crisp beats, and dreamy, often mind-bending textures, sonic effects, and beautiful emotive elements that really perplex the mind and soul.

The crowdfund for Proto's new release will run until January 7th, 2021, so please spread the word, and help make this record a reality! If you would like to secure a copy today, please support by clicking below: