Mauro Nakimi - Geometrish

Mauro Nakimi, the captivating Spanish Electro artist who has won the hearts and minds of underground fans across the globe, returns on his Back To Wax imprint to deliver the ingenious "Geometrish".

This 4 track vinyl EP features reworks by heavyweights Carl Finlow, James Wolfe, and Gez Varley, who put their unique spin on the original concept with keen technique and vision for authentic Electro music.

Starting off, mastermind Mauro Nakimi mixes a special vinyl version of his ingenious "Geometrish". Devious vibes pull you in as an aggressive bassline meets alluring pads that surround you with an aura of suspense, yet calming somehow like a misty night in a meadow below the light of the moon.

Next, Gez Varley; the iconic artist from to the 90's Rave era days, and with releases on such famous labels like Ovum Recordings (Josh Wink) and Studio iK7 (Dave Clarke), drops a hypnotic 4x4 jam, reminding me a bit of Scan7's work. Cold, pounding and relentless, but with a certain enigmatic feel that gets you vibing to the fluctuating energies you'll find here.

Carrying on, James Wolfe, the Frajile Recordings mastermind, and someone with a long history dating back to the Resident Alien days, returns to Back To Wax to propel Mauro Nakimi's original concept into a world devoid of humans. This menacing, cold robotic stomper is a well armored mechanoid set loose to annihilate any opponent with shrill sounds and textures, aggressive Electro Bass beats, and unforgiving vocals to lead you deeper into a desolate realm where only machines exist.

Carl Finlow, the legendary UK composer and producer who has brought you countless classics like the Electrilogy series on Device Records, returns once again to deliver an eccentric, dazzling rework driven by tightly weaved sequences, ferocious, mind-altering bass tones, and suspenseful drones and melodies that will kidnap your soul into a hauntingly beautiful universe that as unfriendly as it may seem, invites you ever closer deep into its core. Lovely stuff!

This new title on Mauro Nakimi's Back To Wax imprint is a sure shot for devotees of the obscure Electro sound. With a broad enough range of styles, this marvelous 12" can captivate audiences from Miami to Detroit, to the UK and beyond with palpable compositions and programming that will only leave them craving for more. Highly recommended! Very limited released, so rush on this.