Mauro Nakimi Releases Extensive Catalog of Free Tunes for You to Download

Mauro Nakimi live © Mauro Nakimi official/Facebook

Mauro Nakimi shows no signs of slowing down lately, and no sooner than announcing his upcoming audio/video concept album "Nanowerk", he unloads the vaults on the masses by giving away nearly a 100 of his previously unreleased tunes...yes you read that right, free to download!

Check out his Soundcloud right now, where you can independently listen to and choose your favorites to won't be disappointed! Mauro Nakimi is a formidable force in the Spanish Electro scene, with a style that seems to know no boundaries, while somehow strongly rooted in the heart of genuine and sophisticated Electro music.

When asked why he is giving away so much music for free, instead of submitting it to different labels out there...and on digital at that, Mauro Nakimi says that first: "I don't send music to labels", and as for digital; something he has always been quite outspoken about, shedding light on the dark side of the so called "digital revolution", he says: "before publishing on digital, I rather give it away for free....they ask me, why? Because the digital market in my opinion/experience is a fucking scam, and the very stealing of creativity".

You can listen to and download your favorite songs below: