Mechatronica/Cultivated Electronics feat. Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff [Ninja Tune, Solar One, Return To Disorder] Radioactive Man (live) [Rotters Golf Club, Cultivated Electronics] Privacy [Klakson, Cultivated Electronics] Alienata [Killekill, Discos Atónicos] Sync 24 [Cultivated Electronics, CPU, Electrix] Snuffo (live) [Snuff Trax, In The Dark Again] Dexorcist [Battle Trax, Yellow Machines] Secret Guests [Neighbourhood /UK] Steve Blake Allman [Cultivated Electronics] no data available (live) [Don't, Super Rhythm Trax] MEJLE [Mechatronica] ElectroDon [Mechatronica] Milan Hermess - DJ [Mechatronica]

Half-price entry from 8am to 10pm. No pre-sale (arrive early to avoid queue)

Time and date: March 30 – March 31 @ 10p (UTC+02)

Location: Griessmuehle | Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Record labels Mechatronica and Cultivated Electronics join forces for a 24-hour journey through genres and dimensions on 3 floors, showcasing the sounds of the two labels across electro, acid, techno, breaks, rave, EBM, new beat and more. After more than 10 years in the game, Cultivated Electronics remains one of the most influential electro labels, having released music from the likes of Truss, DMX Krew, Radioactive Man, Morphology, The Hacker, JTC, Silicon Scally, The Exaltics, DeFeKT, Sync 24, Versalife and Jensen Interceptor. Mechatronica has been promoting electro and acid driven nights in Berlin for the past 7 years, and launched their label in 2016. DJ Hell, Truss, DMX Krew, A Guy Called Gerald, Call Super + many other artists have played at Mechatronica over the years, and the label continues its output of releases with music from Umwelt, Privacy, Dez Williams, Innershades, Luke Eargoggle, Drvg Cvltvre, Norwell, Fleck ESC and more to come.

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