Mechatronica to Hold Anniversary Event in Berlin this March

It's hard to believe that the formidable force that has become the German Mechatronica imprint, is still actually a relatively young endeavour in its own right, even in all its sophistication and class as seen in releases such as Zeta Reticula's "I am Mensch" with Helga Neuer, or perhaps Vapour Waves by Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code, it's only been a couple of years since this label completely took over the Electro scene by storm!

What some may don't know however, is that Mechatronica as a collective itself has been around for much longer than that, for years a pillar of support for the Berlin Techno scene, that always gave much of its platform to Electro music, lifting it up to its place as an essential counterpart of the highly popular Electronic music sub-genre that has been known as a staple of the Berlin general lifestyle since the fall of the Wall.

As an event series that has seen the likes of international icons such as Helena Hauff or Anthony Rother passing through its venues, to prolific underground veterans such as Sync 24, Radioactive Man, or Dexorcist to name a few, Mechatronica recently announced that it plans to celebrate its 7 years in business by holding an event in Berlin that is not to be missed! Presenting live performances by Fleck E.S.C., Teslasonic, and Composite Profuse, expect to also catch sets by artists such as DJ Overdose, Intergalactic Gary, and of course label mastermind Mejle.

Event will be held at the Griessmuehle in Berlin on March 22nd of this year, and you can buy tickets here.

Also, check out a new release coming February 15th on Mechatronica by Das Ding, titled "I Am Not A Robot":