Meet Love Hultén's Handcrafted Foldable Modular Synthesizer: The MDLR-37

Notice anything familiar here? © Love Hultén

Swedish master craftsman Love Hultén, a man with a deep passion for building minimalistic, playful yet refined electronic instruments; primarily musical in nature, is at it yet again, and this time with a stunning take on the highly popular Modular Synthesizer.

Combining the power of his beloved Korg Minilogue synthesizer (also see the Monte-61), with that of the Korg Microkey 37, Meris ENZO, T-Rex Replicator, ​and Doepfer A-199, this unique piece of analog hardware delivers a really interesting palette of synthesis options in a sorta of "IKEA-ish" platform that allows for easy portability and relatively quick set up times.

The cleaner approach in design here would certainly be a great choice for beginners looking to get into modular synthesis as well, especially since this would be more of a semi-modular machine, with enough routing options to start learning patching, yet enough that can be done just by pressing the keys and fiddling on those yummy yellow knobs. The choice of oscilloscope used alone should keep you entertained for hours by itself!

There is no current means of purchasing the MDLR-37 directly, seems to have been a one time custom design by Love Hultén, however, he does mention on his website that his designs can be made upon request. Would be worth asking if it's possible to have one built for yourself!

You can see the MDLR-37 in action by watching the video below: