Meet the $1 Plug-in that Promises to Revolutionize The Way You Make Music With Soft-Synths

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Genesis Pro © Oz-Soft

For as long as we can remember, veterans and new schoolers alike have debated the true sonic power between hardware instruments and soft synths (also known as VST's, or Plug-ins). It is true that in the early days of VST's, between the lack of computer power and perhaps even just the lack of know-how and truly understanding what it would take to make them sound as good, VST's did not compete with hardware, especially analog. But fast-forward 20 years later, and plug-ins not only sound great, a lot of times they can sound not just better than hardware, but are inevitably way more versatile and flexible.

The truth however, is that the real power for any music composer and producer these days lies in the balance between both worlds, hardware and software working together harmoniously. It would simply be foolish to dismiss plug-ins, or even hardware as somehow incapable of keeping up with each other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses that together are balanced out and complemented and reinforced. But part of the problem lately for plug-ins, is that while they have always been relatively expensive, with today's competing prices coming from the hardware world and companies like Korg and Behringer, its honestly very tough to spend hundreds of dollars on something virtual, rather than something physical. Even if it means trading in that versatility and flexibility, for the tangible. Enter Ummet Ozcan's "Genesis Pro", and his company Oz-Soft; a real game changer perhaps!

Having actually been around for many years under the "Genesis CM" name, as one of the many freely available soft-synths out there, which are designed with programs like Synth Edit by enthusiasts who more often than not, innovate without getting the credit they often deserve. Some stop making them, some never stop. Some, like Ummet, keep grinding away until the finished product can actually be marketed, and perhaps at a really affordable as in a single dollar! Yes, you read that right. If you thought Voxengo was cheap, this is basically philanthropic, and yes, the actual price the Genesis Pro will sell for.

Front panel view with Dynamic Link mode shown © Oz-Soft

After many years of hard work; which has not been made any easier by constant touring and studio work as a very popular DJ and Producer, Ummet has been able to bring the Genesis to the point of being a very marketable, versatile and a downright heavy contender of the many VST's available out there. Utilizing some of the most powerful forms of synthesis out there, like FM, Subtractive, ROM, and Multiwave, the Genesis Pro uses 3 oscillators that can be used simultaneously or independently, feeding the signal through 8 different analog modeling filters to choose from, 4 envelopes, and 2 LFO's with more than 100 destinations to choose from (this is also true for the envelopes). There are also things like a mastering filter and limiter for that final touch, and I cannot fail to mention the arpeggiator and 32-step sequencer.

One of the really neat features in my opinion found within the Genesis Pro; aside from Intelligent Chord for example, and the fact that just about every knob has its own unique array of settings, is the Dynamic Link mode, which allows you to use the Genesis as an effect unit that can have many of its values modulated by an external sound source. And did I mention this thing has 14 effects built in? It also allows for a generous customizing of Hot Keys, with each of 8 keys (CTRL+1 to CTRL+8) being able to perform up to 22 actions. Then there is the mighty Alpha knob, which is a feature that I must say is greatly missing from basically every other synth out there. With this, you can control the sweep of as many knobs as you want with a single that is a seriously useful feature for tweaking your sound right?

With an asking price of $1, Ummet Ozcan clearly wants as many people as possible to enjoy the power of a very serious synth, for less than the price of a cup of coffee. No official news on actual release date, though it is definitely planned for 2020. But with a killer website already published, as well as an excellent promo video that is a must watch, it seems truly this time around, years of hard work and waiting have paid off, and are about to come to fruition.

Yes there are those who will argue this cannot compete with synths such as Pigments, or Omnisphere because it was not coded, but actually made with Synth Edit as well, but we are also talking about a very well thought out soft synth that literally will cost a dollar. And from what we have heard so far, it sounds really good! Can't wait to hear the final product. We really admire the work Ummet has put into this synth, and we believe it will be a hit.

Stay tuned for more news via the Oz-Soft website.

Watch the video below to see the Genesis Pro in action: