Meet The Neova Ring MIDI Controller

Perhaps one of the most interesting gadgets to be announced lately is the Neova ring MIDI controller. This incredible little gadget is pretty straight forward, already receiving plaudits from all around the world from artists such as Stevie Wonder and the like. It is a gesture-based device, meaning that effects are done by simply waving your hand in specific movements dedicated to each parameter of your MIDI based effect or plug-in. 9 motion sensors in the ring can identify 5 of the most common and natural hand expressions to activate actions such as pitch bend, vibrato, and roll, making it even a great and simple tool to use with hardware synthesizers without the need of taking off your hands to reach for the bend wheel. Just simply jam away!

The complete set includes the ring's charging hub, which connects to your computer or hardware via USB and/or the included MIDI Over Jack converter cable, and acts as the bridge between you, the ring, and your instruments. The set also includes a copy of the company's proprietary software called Plume. This program is in part a mapping tool to assign the ring to your favorite plug-ins, but it is also a synthesizer that can be used out of the box with the Neova ring. Plume comes with 200 preset sounds that are already mapped to every gesture, and can help anyone get started quickly and fully demonstrates the full capacity of what the ring can do. With Plume, the curves of each gesture can even be modified, customizing for sensitivity and performance.

The project is currently in its Kickstarter phase, so your support is needed to make this become a fully marketed reality however. The team at Enhancia, the makers of Neova, have stated recently that the primary financial goal has been met, but it will only allow for them to meet the cost for production to start on the very first units which will be delivered to the main backers. Different levels are still being offered, and at a fairly reasonable price it must be said, allowing for anyone from artists to bands and even retailers to get their hands on this unique musical tool, while supporting and ensuring the company's bright future.

For more info, visit the company's Kickstarter page. Also, check out the Neova MIDI Ring in full action by some very well known keyboardists from around the world:

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