Mega Jon Bass Announces Upcoming Album, Shares New Song "Tekno Bass": Listen

The man behind Mega Jon's Bass © J. Hamilton

Mega Jon Bass, whom you may remember as Iceman Ja; one of the artists to quickly garner a lot of attention during the booming (no pun intended) Bass scene in the late 80's in Miami with his classic hit "Mega Jon's Bass", has been very busy in his studio over the past couple years concocting his latest designs in bass mechanics, recently announcing another album in the works following the release of his most recent, "The Transformer", from 2018.

The artist tells Electric Kingdom that the record will feature a collaboration with MC G.L.O.B.E.; one of the members of the seminal and highly influential outfit Soul Sonic Force, promising to deliver what will be another powerful collection of heavy bass tunes full of old school nostalgic flavors, modern Electro Bass flairs, and the signature raps that are a must have in the productions of the legendary Mega Jon Bass.

There is no official release date on the upcoming album, but the artist did take to social media a few days ago to share his most recently finished track, this one called "Tekno Bass". You can stay up to date with more news regarding this release via Mega Jon Bass' Facebook page.

Listen to "Tekno Bass" by Mega Jon Bass: