Middle Men - We Seek The Future

Some of the freshest and most captivating Electro material to hit the shelves in the entire history of Electro perhaps, is arguably that of the Middle Men. Ever since first appearing on Satamile's "Tales From The Blobe" back in 2005, this duo composed of Jim Kneen and long-time veteran of the Electro sound Phil Klein (Bass Junkie), have taken the scene the world over by storm with their furious, innovative and downright sensational Electro Bass tunes.

Returning once again after what doesn't seem as long a hiatus as it actually was (over 10 years), Middle Men present an EP destined to be as epic as any previous we have heard from the iconic duo, last having been their debut on Battle Trax and the "Ufology EP". A favorite of our staff here at EKM.

Debuting on French Fdb Recordings; a long overdue pairing considering the caliber of artists we have seen over the past few years coming from the label, specifically when thinking of the imprint's infamous "The Bass Academy" vinyl series, Middle Men deliver with "We Seek The Future", a space odyssey that is an unforgiving experience of devastating low end-driven beats, commanding vocals, and some of the most ingenious sonic effects you can possibly imagine. A diverse arrangement of perfectly executed synth programming that sounds as if straight out of the year 2075 A.D.

Middle Men's "We Seek The Future" released June 24th, 2021, via Fdb Recordings on a limited vinyl run. You can obtain this release by going to retailers such as Save Our Sounds, or Juno Records.

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