Modal Electronics Announces Expansion of Cobalt8 Synthesizer

You now have a choice of Eurorack, or perhaps the 61 or 49-Key FATAR keybed versions © Modal Electronics

Recently upping the ante with the announcement of the widely acclaimed "Cobalt8" virtual analogue synthesizer, UK Modal Electronics made news again about a week ago, when it announced that it also plans to expand the whole concept of this synthesizer into another series like the Argon, which will feature a Eurorack version, as well as a 61-key FATAR keyboard version, along with the original 37-key version for those who are looking to compliment a smaller footprint in their studio space with a seriously powerful boutique synthesizer.

While the original 37-key Cobalt8 hasn't actually even made it to stores yet, we now have even more choices that can accommodate the different approaches to electronic composition these days, from modular, to home studios, to bonafide champions of the keyboard who must own the wider palette of 61-keys, to wield the massive power of the Cobalt8.

The Cobalt8 is basically a Virtual Analogue synthesizer, or a "VA" as you may have heard some call it before. Back in the day prior to this analog revolution that is still in many ways taking place, and at a time when the world clearly seemed to be headed more and more into the digital age and forgetting about hardware (especially true analog), us old fogies had the joy and privilege of owning such affordable beauties as the Access Virus series, or perhaps the Alesis Ion or even the mighty and often overlooked Korg MS-2000. Machines that recreate analog circuitry via software coding, rather than conventional circuits, to achieve a sound that while some analog audiophiles could argue isn't quite as warm as actual analog, also wouldn't be able to argue that specifically on the higher end, the sonic results from combining the aesthetics of digital and analog are seriously powerful! The artifacts that sneak in, especially when filtering and in the more extreme ranges, is something to behold and can be quite haunting at times.

Cobalt8 61-key synthesizer with the Modalapp © Modal Electronics

With the Cobalt8, what you essentially get is an 8 voice synthesizer, with 8 oscillators per voice (that's 64 oscillators), a 4-pole resonant ladder filter, extensive modulation capabilities, and get this...a 512 note "real-time" sequencer! There is also a 64-step polyphonic sequencer that can do chords, 3 audio rate capable LFO's, 3 envelopes, and so much more. But it's in the sound of the machines ladies and gentlemen, something that you have to hear for yourself! The Cobalt8 is pure magic.

As mentioned before, the Cobalt8 in all its versions is on its way to stores like Sweetwater and Thomann, so make sure to check those out and place your order if interested. Secure that you get it in a reasonable amount of time, because this one is definitely a hot item!

You can learn more about the Cobalt8 synthesizer by watching the video below: