Modal Electronics Announces Skulpt SE: An Updated Version of Its Powerful Portable Synthesizer

Finally you can get take a fully-fledged poly synth on the go! © Modal Electronics

A little over two years ago, UK boutique synth manufacturer Modal took the world by surprise with its affordable yet incredibly powerful and versatile "Skulpt" polyphonic synthesizer. A small, yet ridiculously complex machine that put the power of one of the most insane polyphonic synths we have seen yet, in the palm of your hands.

While it was indeed a really welcomed release; especially considering the possibilities for inspiration one could get from being able to take such synthesis power on the go, within less than 2 years, it was discontinued. Folks like me were left quite disappointed, as it seemed rather odd such a great synth could be gone that quickly. The good news? It was only temporary, as the company was merely listening to its customers, and wanted to revise the iconic little synth, which is now back again dubbed as the "Skulpt SE".

Like its predecessor, the Skulpt SE is a 4 voice polyphonic synthesizer that features a total of 32 oscillators (8 per voice), with two sets of selectable waveforms ranging from PWM to Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Square. It also features Ring Modulation and FM, 3 envelope generators for filter, amp, and modulation, as well as two audio rate LFO's (one global and one polyphonic) that add tremendous modulation capabilities. That's not mentioning the extensive (for such a little guy) 8 slot modulation matrix that can be routed to 37 destinations, as well as its versatile arpeggiator, and 256-note sequencer.

To finish everything off, there are effects like built in Distortion and Digital Delay. The keyboard has also been revised with traditional black and white keys as opposed to the previous (and hard to see) grey and black. It's also worth mentioning these days that the Skulpt SE is MPE compatible as well, and it even runs on batteries for those on-the-go moments, which can be complimented with the free Modal app.

The Modal Skulpt SE is being delivered to retailers worldwide as of this writing, so make sure to get your pre-order to secure one for yourself. It will be available for a price of US $199, which is an absolute deal for such a powerful little guy! We are sure you will agree.

Modal has not released any video material of it's new synthesizer so far, but below you can watch the promotional video for the original Skulpt, which will give you an idea of what this new version will be like: