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Model Citizens Drop First Full-Length Vinyl Album "Are Friends Electro?"

The mysterious duo finally make their full length debut! © Dominance Electricity

Electro super-duo Model Citizens presents their debut full-length album on Dominance Electricity, "Are Friends Electro?". Available in digital formats, high quality glass-master-CD, and double 12-inch black or orange vinyl, the release features decades of musical inspiration from Matthew Whitehead and Phil Klein, aka Bass Junkie, whose combined style stays true to a pure Electro sound filled with wicked vocoders, deep bass lines, and fulfilling melodies Electro Bass heads will enjoy every time the needle hits the groove.

Electro Hip Hop legend The Egyptian Lover has two appearances on the LP, with a Model Citizen's remix of “Into The Future”; off of his new Electro classic "1984" album, followed by a lyrical drop on "Sphinx-O-Matic".

The combination of German artist Markus Bülow's extraterrestrial artwork, and Model Citizens' hard driving Electro style, makes this release a lot of fun just in time for the winter party season.

After checking out the album medley, Electro bots can find Model Citizens at all the best record shops, including Bandcamp and Save our Sounds. Full size poster packages are available.

Paying tribute to Phil Klein's recently passed father, the long awaited LP is dedicated to Ernie Klein (1948-2019). Don't miss it!

You can listen to a special album medley mix below: