Moken - Lay Environment

Future Me (FU.ME), Italian imprint responsible for previous releases such as their most recent "The Orbitants 2", featuring Jensen Interceptor and Galaxian along others, not to mention the blinding release by ARP 2200 entitled "Enif", returns here with "Lay Environment" by Moken. A new 5 track vinyl EP full of punishing rhythms and alluring, at times suspenseful and even beautiful moods that traverse the spectrums of Breaks, Techno and moody Electro with just the right amount of balance in between.

Starting off, the vinyl sees "Tuxedo" kick things into gear in a rather invasive form, stomping through the gates with tough mechanical beats and frantic stabs. Fans of Mono-Junk and artists within that vein will appreciate this one. Following, "Lebanon takes a different form, inducing the listener and dancer into a hypnotic trance, as the pulsating 4x4 beats gallop into battle with fierce atmospheres that create an almost apocalyptic feel.

"Ancient prog" concludes the A side with a mystifying journey that at first reminds me of the Stranger Things theme, evolving rather quickly into a menacing, mysterious journey like visiting the most obscure of underground clubs for the first time. Beware!

On the B side we find two final gems to dive into, the first being "Torpedo"; an alluring jam that alternates between 4x4 and broken Electro beats, as the commanding vocals take charge in the fashion of many of the great Industrial classics from the 90's.

Finally, the disc is concluded with the Kluentah remix of the previous, this one perhaps my favorite on the record as it takes me back to the days of being a young Raver, and being exposed to broken beats enriched with just the right amount of funk, soul and psychedelia. The standout thing about this particular version is the delicate, enigmatic stabs that add such a beautiful emotive tone to the song, not before being overpowered by furious bass pads that growl like an angry beast.

Moken - Lay Environment (2020) © Future Me

"Lay Environment" by Moken is out now through the label's Bandcamp, or wherever you buy vinyl music. Cannot recommend this release enough, the disc alone is a beautiful purple that reminds me of the finest red wine! This too shall go down rather complex while finishing off smooth and layered.


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