Moog Introduces the Mother of All Mothers: Grandmother

Ahead of Moogfest 2018, legendary synthesizer company Moog Music announced on May 11th that it had finished production on the first 500 units of a synthesizer called "Grandmother". This Semi-Modular beauty truly has all the bells and whistles, and is really quite a treat and for many reasons. Like a Minimoog, the Grandmother synthesizer is ready to play out of the box, with no patching know-how necessary...just play the thing and get blasted into space!

However, in today's world, where thankfully more and more people seem to be appreciating the wonder of the process that is true sound design, and modular synthesizers are getting more and more popular, Grandmother can be integrated easily into any Eurorack system or just plays nice along with Moog's DFAM and Mother-32 units.

The Grandmother is a 2 oscillator (analog) synth that features one interesting feature that makes this one a little more unique than many of the keyboards currently available, and that is its LFO. Typically we see filters that can self-oscillate, giving the user a capability of having a 3rd oscillator, here however, the Grandmother's LFO can be speed up high enough that it can function as the same. Neat!

She's a beauty isn't she? © Moog Music

Grandmother's filter is a classic Moog ladder, with a patchable 1-pole High-Pass included, not to mention an analog envelope. The Grandmother also features an on-board arpeggiator, and step sequencer that can store up to 3 sequences, 256 notes each.

For connectability, the synth features 21-ins, 16-outs and a 4 jack, parallel-wired Mult. MIDI In/Out and yes...Thru are also available, as well as MIDI over USB. It's Main is a 1/4" out, but an Input is also included for processing fun; especially considering that one of the things we cannot forget to tell you about is the fully analog Spring Reverb onboard the Grandmother! Wild stuff indeed.

For more information, visit the Moog website, and get in line...Moogfest edition units have sold out, which included a festival pass and custom Moog denim jacket, but more Grandmother units are expected soon. You do get to miss out on that cool jacket though! ;)

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