Moog One Analog Polysynth Announced

Moog Music recently announced a synth that is sure to make history! In this particular case, it's a funny thing of making history by repeating it perhaps, being that Moog's last polyphonic synth came out over 30 years ago. Since focusing on creating classic mono synth designs, the company finally unveils something it claims it has been working on for quite some time. With the Moog One, the company states that it: "has been our most ambitious project to date - an electronic odyssey encompassing years of research and decades of exploration, culminating in the birth of a new flagship synthesizer". 

This tri-timbral synthesizer will be available in 8 or 16 voice configurations, boasting 3 newly-designed dual output VCO's, 2 independent VCF's, fully analog dual source noise generator, 4 analog LFO's, mixer with external audio input, and 3 envelope generators. The company claims the Moog One is so powerful, it harnesses within each voice circuit, the power of an entire Moog Voyager; that up until the Moog One, was their most complex and expensive synth to date. 

Great to see Moog entering the polysynth world once again, it had truly been a long time, but seems perhaps it has been worth the wait. The Moog One will be available for delivery late October, though be forewarned this is no value package: The Moog One 8-voice alone costs $5,999. 

Please if you have time, watch this short film called "Moog One - A Meditation On Listening":

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