Moogfest 2019 Date And Location Announced

It hasn't even been a week since the latest Moogfest came and went, and already the company has announced the date and location for the next one in 2019. Seems at least for the foreseeable future, Durham, North Carolina will remain the home of Moogfest, though the event will be held a month earlier next year, running from April 25 through the 28th.

More details to be revealed soon. We anxiously await not just as to what the line-up will be; this year having invited DJ's Stingray and Helena Hauff for example, but also as to the machine attendees will take part in building next time around during the workshops. This year, event goers got the chance to build the intriguing "Subharmonicon" synthesizer, which we hope will be marketed to the public soon, just as the DFAM drum machine and Werkstatt-01 sound module did. Let's wait and see! 

For now, stay tuned for more news through the event website.

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