Hailing from Helsinki, Finland; home to great acts such as Blastromen, Mr. Velcro Fastener, and Imatram Voima, the latest duo phenomenon to have entered the scene are none other than "Morphology". First debuting back in 2009 with the release of the 12", "TriOptimum" on the Abstract Forms label, these two Electro geniuses have been busier than ever putting out release after release, while gaining lots of notoriety, and climbing steadily to become one of the most sought after acts of the past several years.

Morphology quickly returned in 2010 with an incredible year, remixing two legendary acts, Silicon Scally, and Sero, and publishing a wide variety of releases like "Urania's Mirror" on Zyntax Motorcity, "Xerxes" on AC Records, and returning once again to Abstract Forms with "Combined E.P. V1.0".

In 2011, perhaps their most lucrative year to date, Morphology returned with an illustrious catalog of releases; perhaps most notable of them "Zircon Affair", on Diametric Records, and released as a limited, hand numbered 306 copy 12". Other releases like "Nucleosynthesis" on AC Records, "Euclidian Algorithm" on Semantica Records, and the "Urania's Mirror Remixes" on Zyntax Motorcity Records; which featured remixes by Hardfloor, Headnoaks, Legowelt, and Arne Weirnberg, were also warmly welcomed; with many of the songs appearing on countless DJ mixes, and live internet radio show broadcasts. This year, the duo also remixed Hardfloor's "You Know The Score", K. Larm & J. Raninen's "Recurrent Amnesia" on their "303 and Friends EP", and Christian Fischer's "Starlight", from the Starlight Remixes release, published on Statik Entertainment. Morphology also appeared on Solar One Music's "Entertainment For Adults" compilation, with the song "Dark Flow".

Since the beginning of 2012, Morphology has remained quite busy in studio, publishing many great vinyl titles like "Dalek Invasion" on Semantica Records (2012), "Intercal" on Central Processing Unit (2014), "Frozen State EP" on Berlin imprint Vortex Traks (2016), and one of their latest on Cultivated Electronics with "Mind Stealers", featuring Sync 24 on remix duties, and showing this incredible duo doesn't die, it multiplies! Truly a must have 12".

It's safe to say that Morphology, like other Finnish acts, are here to stay, and will be gracing us with plenty more of their melodic, 303 saturated madness that is a perfect description of what Electro/Techno music stands for! Stay tuned, this transmission is far from over!

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