Morphology - Collective Memory EP

Madrid-based Analogical Force, ran by Pervert, starts 2019 on the bleeding edge with its twentieth release! With a highly acclaimed album, “Traveller”, published last year on FireScope, plus a dozen of essential releases on Cultivated Electronics, Zyntax Motorcity or CPU just to name a few, firing Morphology needs no introduction and is definitely the band to follow at the moment.

On the “Collective Memory EP”, Matti Turunen and partner in crime Michael Diekmann serve up four dancefloor oriented slaughters of their trademark, insane yet very thought after.

Synthetic “Karma Flies” introduces on A side a pounding Electro cut based upon sharp drums, groovy melodies, warm emotive synth layers and a visionary sense of rhythm that propels the track instantly into the future. For sure a future Electro classic! Percussive “Collective Memory” coming next, illustrates perfectly the way the Finnish duo is able to write Space Electro odysseys with few analog gears. Characterized by a funky bassline, kickin' beats (without being too hard) and fascinating synths strings, the track is one of the EP's highlights as it spreads a certain sense of melancholy throughout.

On the flipside, soulful “Lespfrog” injects a bit of Drexciyan feelings to the EP. Sororities turn experimental but Morphology remain focused on their mission: to put you in a circle! Final cut “Horta Cut” seriously slows down the tempo to deliver a magical song half way between downtempo and ambient registers. Emotive sequences follow contemplative moments, showing another facet of Morphology’s sound.

If you do not succumb to the charm of this beauty, there’s nothing else we can do for you! Rush on it before it is too late as Analogical Force outings are limited and often out of stock within few days!

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