N.A.M. - Travel To Alpha Centauri

Microm Records, Spanish Electro imprint headed by none other than Negocious Man, has been on quite a streak lately, including some really nice vinyl titles like the recent "Alphanumeric", and last year's "N.E.G.O."; Negocious' first solo vinyl LP! Then there is also a new vinyl outing in the works by Negocious Man titled "Dreamscape", which is due out November 28th, so lots to look out for indeed.

This time offering a digital album by another one of Spain's hidden treasures, of which there are too many to name, electronic composer and producer N.A.M., who hails from Burgos, signs "Travel To Alpha Centauri" to Microm Records and what a beautiful record this is!

Starting off with the song "Atmosphere", already we can see what a well rounded musician we are dealing with here. Soothing soundscapes decorate the warm, punchy Electro beats that drive the engines, as clever programming takes the stage and sets sail for Alpha Centauri.

People fond of the more obscure and thoughtful side of Electro will find that aside from the title track, other songs like "Weightlessness", "When Silence Shine Dreams Take Shape", "Curvature", and "Back Home" are perfect to lay back, close your eyes, and envision a trip through outerspace as the majestic and dynamic synthwork and sequence programming envelopes all around you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a little more tenacity and sonic audacity, then songs like "Rings of Saturn", "New Opportunity", "Spacial Communication, and "No Future" are sure shots to get you grooving. Sinister in some ways, but highly intelligent and curious throughout.

All in all throughout this album you will find that N.A.M.'s sound in general is often a careful balance of warm, relaxing vibes, fused with more cutting edge and explorative sound design. Strongly rooted in Detroit's sound in some ways, but fairly eclectic in general, and with a strong nod to the earlier days of electronic music. There are quite a few vintage moments here you will greatly appreciate.

N.A.M.'s "Travel to Alpha Centauri" is out now via Bandcamp or wherever you buy digital music. Highly recommended new release on Microm Records, and make sure to keep your eyes open for that new Negocious Man dropping late November!


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