For the past 18 years, Bojan Jascur aka N-ter, has been ravaging dancefloors and sound systems across the globe with his incredibly majestic, soulful, and hard hitting Electro Bass styles. Releasing the first Croatian album of this genre on the indie label "Egoboo Bits" in 1999, he would eventually sign to legendary labels like Drivecom, Puzzlebox Records and even Twilight 76 some years later; beginning what has become a versatile and quite large discography of digital, vinyl, and CD releases.

Born in 1981 in the small town of Osijek, Bojan would begin to drift towards the Eastern European Electronic Music scene from an early age, eventually working alongside the originator of the Electro scene in Croatia, DJ XED.

Founding the Crobot Crew and thus eventually the label Crobot Muzik, these 2 dedicated musicians have been consistently releasing some of the finest material from artists around the globe like Paul Blackford, Dark Vektor, and Dynamik Bass System.

After N-ter's second Croatian release on the label Diggarama, he would find himself on the international stage on one of the most legendary of the Detroit labels, Twilight 76. Releasing the EP "Blender", he would follow up with Crobot Muzik's first solo artist EP, called "Reflection". A beautiful and sentimental reminiscence into Bojan's life and what matters most to him, as well as a nice stepping away from the genre's often redundant themes about robots and technology.

N-ter's first 12" vinyl release was in June of 2007, having his song "Invasion" published on Boris Divider's label, "Drivecom"; on the second installment of its Micro Driver Series. Also in 2007 a huge dream would come true not just for N-ter, but for DJ Xed as well; remixing one of Aux 88's all time classics, "Rated A.U.X.". N-ter's remix stayed fairly true to the original, even keeping the 4 on the floor beat in the intro; while later bringing in some Techno Bass beats to make this quite a unique treat for all of those Aux fans around the world.

In 2008, one of N-ter's proudest moments would come into fruition, remixing Sbles3plex's 2005 release on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, "The Virtual Place Is The Future", and releasing it on Crobot Muzik on a single called "N-ter Meets Sbles3plex". This rework of one of Sbles3plex's ( also known as Dark Vektor ) most sought after hits, was a captivating, dark and very Eastern European sounding banger that still finds its way unto internet radio stations and downloadable DJ mixes often posted on forums like Electro Empire. On this year, N-ter would also found his own personal digital label called "Photon", releasing the title: "Detector - Judgement Day EP".

Well into a year of the return of Streetsounds Records to the Electro scene, N-ter would make number one on the label's weekly charts in November of 2009 with his song "Always Looks So Easy", which was released on Crobot Muzik. This was a well deserved accomplishment and put N-ter on the genre's map as one of the true purveyors of the Nu Skool sound, giving him a great deal of exposure to the many people that perhaps were unaware of his previous releases and what a great and unique sound this artist has to offer.

N-ter continues to deliver high quality Electro Bass beats to this day, publishing titles like Holodiction on Body Control out of Atlanta, not to mention a flurry of digital releases on Crobot Muzik, signaling the artist is anything but slowing down, even partnering up with rising Electro artist Errorbeauty and currently in studio crafting up many more tunes for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Playing everywhere from Miami, Detroit to Western Europe, N-ter has been bringing the sounds of Electro Bass to many corners of the world, tirelessly working as an ambassador to our scene and a representative of the Croatian sounds of dark Electronic Music.

N-ter is in many ways a fine example that by dedicating yourself to what you believe in and staying true to your roots, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to! Stay tuned for more to come.


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