N-Ter Returns to Crobot Muzik With "Urban Reef Encounters": Listen

The man with a plan! © N-Ter official/Facebook

Crobot Muzik mercenary N-Ter returns to his homebase, hitting the ground running with an absolutely smashing EP entitled "Urban Reef Encounters". 3 tunes of soulful, ingenious dancefloor hits paying homage to the sounds of Drexciya, while fusing it to his own brand of unstoppable Techno Bass that will captivate and mesmerize as much as will ignite the need to get up and move to that beat. This guy has one of the most unique styles out there, able to balance out club formulas with music that has depth and character to spare.

The release is out now through Crobot Muzik's Bandcamp page, so make sure to support and grab yourself a copy!

Listen to previews below: