N-ter Switches Gears, Releases Downtempo EP Called Don't Look Back

Infamous for his heart-pounding Electro Bass beats, N-ter is not the first person you think of when it comes to the soothing, captivating sounds of Downtempo Electro music. However. if you have been a die-hard of the artist's music since day one, you may have come to love it particularly because it is one of the most soulful around. Rich synth lines and well-crafted sequences executed in such a way that conveys in a beautiful manner the depth of N-ter's heart and soul, while pulling the listener into a journey that resonates somehow with their own inner being.

Here, in the latest and most rare perhaps by the artist, the Don't Look Back EP is a heartwarming, spaced-out cosmic ride through gleaming, mesmerizing soundscapes that combine many influences from the rather obscure genre. Slightly vintage, but looking towards the future with a melancholic vision of memories not yet come to pass. Expect a slight dose of N-ter's signature Electro Bass vibes here and there, which to some degree begin to show a drastic evolution in the artist's sound; a taste of what is to come in the near future with more releases perhaps.

Don't Look Back EP is available through the Crobot Muzik Bandcamp.

Check out the EP below:

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