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Nail - Revelation

The Polish-Silesian producer Karol Gwózdz aka Nail, makes his debut on German label Dominance Electricity with his epic four track release, "Revelation". Bringing together sounds of Kraftwerk and Anthony Rother, Nail takes listeners and dancefloor enthusiasts on a deep journey into the sounds of pure Electro with this digital and vinyl demonstration of Polish Electro.


A Polish language vocoder opens this ten minute ride into a world of tense anticipation and Biblical uncertainty. High pitched keys build the atmosphere, while strings push this auspicious track into the unknown future. Nail uses all ten minutes of this song to reveal a world filled with turmoil, but somehow using 808 beats and synthesizer squeaks he shines a bright ray of laser infused hope across the dance floor as the measures fade away.

"Revelation Reprise"

Serving as a massive outro to side A, Revelation Reprise builds on themes and modes presented in the title track. Plucking strings continue to extend into exalted keys as Nail builds that tension first heard on "Revelation".


This is a driving dancefloor primed tune ready to take any DJ set to the next level. Nail continues to show his ability to build atmosphere with carefully arranged compositions, infused with a rumbling drum beat. Pulsing vibes accompany a subtle triplet bassline, intermingled with a silky vocoder that propels 1987 into club banger status.

"1987" A cappella Bonus"

This extra offering gives the listener an up-close and personal experience with some of "1987's" stand out sounds. More vocoder is always good when it comes to Electro!

Dominance's 26th release, Nail "Revelation", is available as a digital download, black vinyl and a limited blue clear vinyl package. Check out previews on YouTube for Nail's debut on the German label. Then, get over and order a copy of one of 2019's stand out club ready releases.