Negocious Man Releases Vinyl EP "N.E.G.O." on Microm Records: Listen

Negocious Man aka N.E.G.O. :) © Roberto Rey

Negocious Man is one of the hardest working artists within the Spanish Electro scene. A unique purveyor of the Electro sound with a digital discography on most of the illustrious outings over the past nearly 10 years, on labels such as Mars Frequency, Binalog Productions, or Elektrodos to name a few, Negocious Man has also been working steadily in realizing one of his ultimate goals, and one that most underground Electro artists aspire to: releasing on vinyl!

Having appeared on 2 of Fundamental Records' essential 808 Time Capsule box sets, as well as the outstanding Electro Bass Development Phase 2 compilation on German Subsonic Device back in 2017, Negocious Man recently announced what is indeed a milestone in his career and that of his very own imprint: Microm Records' first-ever vinyl release, titled "N.E.G.O.". This 5 track vinyl EP presents its artwork in a full print jacket, designed by iconic Alek Stark, who also happened to be the mastering engineer behind the record.

N.E.G.O. is out now on the Microm Records Bandcamp, and should slowly begin to make its way to the specialized underground boutiques over the coming weeks. You really owe it to yourself to check this one, and support.

Listen to previews of the new EP below: